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, limit high capacity magazines and ban assault weapons. the nra has said it would fight the proposals insisting bans make no one safer. the senate is scheduled it begin hearings on the issue this coming wednesday. >> san jose may soon start handing out bonuses to keep cops on the force. city councilmen stan la card doe and pete constant are proposing the idea and they say with so many cops leaving san jose, the city should consider giving officers 8% retention bonuses. >> it's critical for to us convey a strong message to all the rank and file we val i their hard work and serious risks they take and we're trying to do what we can within our means. we had to cut. now we think we have some money so let's do what we can to keep the wheels on. >> the idea comes with a price tag of $7.5 million. leaders of san jose's police officer's union say they aren't sure what to make of the proposal considering a couple of weeks ago, the mayor was considering more police layoffs and pay cuts. the union argues the place for pay discussions is at the bargaining table. >>> a banner ad that fell from the
gun laws he wants and daring critics, the republicans and the n.r.a. to stop him. forcing to choose. is the obama goal to cut the republicans in two? that's what some conservatives think. to force those from the northeast to break from the party on hurricane sandy relief, force those from the suburbs to split from the hard-line base on guns, abortion, and gays. force the whole party to choose whether it's in or out of the tea party. and finally, what would lincoln say? as he writes his second inaugural address, is the president looking for the example of abraham lincoln? that other man from illinois
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2